Goalkeeping is a crucial and privileged playing position. Puma FC will deliver goalkeeping specific instruction to provide the technical foundation and functional development goalkeepers need to succeed in soccer.

Puma FC is dedicated to developing fundamentally sound goalkeepers.  We expect our goalkeepers to serve as our team’s last line of defense and first line of offense. Our goals are:

  • For goalkeepers to learn the art and science of goalkeeping and to enjoy the process
  • To master technique and understand its purpose
  • To improve their knowledge of the game and position to increase their awareness and consistency
  • To identify and react to key tactical situations
  • To ultimately improve match performance

Puma FC Goalkeeping Philosophy

With players playing and developing year round it is paramount that clubs offer goalkeepers a specialized and focused program to nurture their continued development. Our philosophy is to teach our goalkeepers to become fundamentally flawless with an emphasis not only on the ‘how’ but also in understanding the ‘why’. The arc of a goalkeeper’s development can be longer than that of a field player and the goal should always focus on technical mastery rather than immediate results. Through dedication and perseverance, we will strive to not only improve a goalkeeper’s performance but their abilities as leaders on the field.

Training Expectations

Goalkeepers are expected to go above and beyond the typical training requirements. Goalkeepers will train at least once a week with a member of the goalkeeping staff in addition to team training sessions. In the event of a conflict, specialized training should take precedence unless specifically instructed otherwise.

Groupings at Training

Goalkeepers will be grouped throughout the year by ability rather than strictly by age or gender. Groupings will be kept to a reasonable number to ensure each goalkeeper receives the attention required for their development.


Goalkeepers will be given evaluations that encompass both training and match play. Evaluations will consist of both a written component as well as a 15-30-minute discussion of ongoing goals and expectations