Academy Program Overview 

Our goal at the age is to develop a playing personality within each player which maximizes technical proficiency and exhibits the confidence to be independent thinkers, risk takers. Additionally, we aim to enhance each player’s soccer IQ (tactical awareness, savviness). To empower players to play with imagination, creativity and develop leadership qualities, respect for the game and good sportsmanship. At this period of development, we will expose players to greater competition by competing in the Kansas Youth Soccer League. However, we still believe it is vitally important that players concentrate on solving/playing the game rather than positional play. Therefore, no player would be locked in any position.

Training Objectives for Age Group:
Players will attend two training sessions a week (90 minutes duration per session).

Players will continue to train in specific teams overseen by the age group director. This will allow for all players within the age group to be exposed to a consistent level of coaching and be challenged at his/her rate of development.

If you have any questions about the Academy program, please contact Technical Director Rogerio Celaya at or Director of Coaching Adam Lamb at