Athletic Training

Soccer players are notorious for wanting to skip the strength training and just wanting to play with a ball. However the commitment to strength training will go along way towards your long team personal and team success. In fact, the right kind of strength conditioning can turn an average soccer player into a truly superb athlete and a significantly better performer on the field. While strength training is extremely important in enhancing performance it's even more important as an aid in injury prevention. 

The Puma FC D1 Strength Training is our most advanced programming offered which complements & enhances the experience that Puma FC players receive through our traditional team training, technical session, and match play. This is specifically developed for the elite tier of athletes U13 and older who are interested in playing at the highest level

Benefits of Soccer Specific Strength Training:

Increased Speed & Acceleration

Improved Agility

Greater Ability to resist challenges

Superior Kicking/Jumping power

Improved endurance

Reduced risk of injury- both chronic & Acute

Puma FC D1 Strength training

The Puma FC D1 Strength Training is not just about lifting weights and building muscle mass. You will be focusing on soccer specific strength training, developing an elite level mentality, and nutritional guidance. The end result will help improve how players plan their week in order to prepare their body and mind to be at its very best come match day.


Two Sessions Per Week, contact Rob Million for more information., or text 816-686-4502.