College Recruiting

  • Encourage you to seek excellence – 

    Statistics show that nearly 90% of high school seniors playing soccer in the US do not make it on to college soccer.  With nearly 100,000 high school seniors in American soccer clubs, and 8,000 – 9,000 roster spots for incoming freshman each year open in college soccer, it is clear that making it to the next level will not be easy. Puma FC aims to help players understand the importance of training everyday to improve on all aspects of their game. It is also important that players take the same approach in the classroom, and we will always be a reminder for the importance of grades and academic achievement in the recruiting process.

  • One-on-One Meetings

    Our goal is to provide players and their families with the necessary information and tools required to maximize their college recruitment options.  We understand each Puma player’s college search is unique to them, so we pride ourselves in providing all Puma players with one-on-one meeting opportunities with our Director of Coaching, Vladimir Roganovic.

    Individual College meetings give players an incredible opportunity to build a college recruitment profile, learn how to communicate effectively with college coaches, gain an understanding of the NCAA, NAIA, and Junior College system, fully understand the many types of financial aid available to the player and their family, and address personal questions as it pertains to their college process.

**Registration for 1-on-1 meetings is currently available through zoom meetings only, please email Vladimir to set up a time. **

  • Finding a School

    We’ll provide you with a framework by which you can start to gain clarity on what KIND of a school you are looking for and what kind of school will suit you best, so that you can bring greater focus to your search efforts.  We will encourage you to be open-minded and give consideration to schools from all divisions and in all parts of the country.

  • Gaining Exposure

    We are always seeking out the top college showcase events around the country for you to be seen by as many different coaches possible.  

    We’ll miss you when you’re gone! –  Be sure to send us updates! We want follow your collegiate career as one of your biggest fans.

  • We’ll miss you when you’re gone! 

    Be sure to send us updates! We want follow your collegiate career as one of your biggest fans.

Contact Information

There is a school out there for every player, and we are here to help you find yours.

For more information, please contact:
Director of Coaching Vladimir Roganovic at