Program Overview:

JR Academy Mission

The Academy’s focus will be to develop boys and girls ages 8-10. We provide dedicated and committed young people the opportunity for character growth and excellence through the game of soccer. We create an emotionally healthy and physically challenging atmosphere embodied by favorable sportsmanship and athletic activity. We will foster a healthy competitive environment while teaching respect for others and fair play.

The pursuit of a group and personal excellence through soccer has three objectives:

  1. Developing leadership and teamwork skills.
  2. Creating a life-long passion for physical activity.
  3. Experiencing the joy of the struggle to pursue one’s full potential.

We believe that each of our players is unique, and we set individual goals and objectives for each of them. We demand commitment, hard work, integrity, and personal responsibility. Through the development of skills, principles of play, and teamwork we intend to experience the joy of learning and working together. We measure achievement not in terms of win/loss record, but in terms of individual growth and personal bests. Character development is our most important goal.

The scope of our development will be to educate and challenge our athletes within the five pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical (Principles of Play), Physical, Psychological, and Social. We have designed a Player Pathway which is organized specifically for each age group and gender. This pathway will help our professional coaching staff implement our curriculum. Our goal is to develop technically gifted athletes who will use creativity and improvisation to guide their way through the beautiful game.

There will be three main areas upon which our coaching paradigm will be based.

  1. The technique (touch). Creative repetitive exercises that cultivate technical proficiency.
  2. Kinesthetic Awareness. The breaking down of the complex mechanical movements of the human body in a multi-directional plane to ensure injury prevention and maximize physical potential.
  3. Information Overload. Exercises that develop quick and accurate decision making in highly pressurized situations.

Once our players graduate from the JR Academy, they will be comprehensively prepared for the next level, our Academy or Competitive Programs.

Academy Staff

PUMA FC employs a deeply qualified staff of coaches.

Although the pathway message will be the same, the players will benefit from the diversity of our coaches as they rotate among the player pools throughout the season. In order to keep our coaching and methods fresh, we make it compulsory that our staff participates in professional development in the off-season. Once the Academy begins, I will be sending out a newsletter with bios that will help familiarize our Academy families with all our coaches.

If you have any questions about the  JR Academy program, please contact Technical Director Rogerio Celaya at or Director of Coaching Adam Lamb at