Premier Soccer

What Is Premier Soccer?

Premier soccer, also known locally as competitive soccer, is played year round (Fall, Winter, Spring) and teams are formed by a “tryout process”. Premier soccer appeals to players who have grown out of the recreational program and are looking for that next level of training and competition. Premier Clubs hold tryouts in order to place similarly leveled and developmentally appropriate players together to form teams.

If a parent’s rising athlete has soccer aspirations or passion and has shown a concerted effort to achieve those aspirations, then having them join up with a premier soccer club is one of the best ways to assist them in developing to achieve those goals.

Puma FC Premier

Puma FC Premier is a year round commitment which includes 2 practices a week & league competition (Fall & Spring), 1 practice a week & 8-12 indoor games (winter). Additional requirements not included in normal club fees are tournaments (typically 1-2 locally per fall & spring) and uniforms (which are on a two year cycle). Our Elite Level teams are called ECNL Regional League and NPL which have additional commitments/ expectations. To find out more about Puma FC ECNL Regional League and NPL please contact Ryan Pow


Please take a look at how Puma FC forms teams below:

Ages U8-U10: Friends play with friends & Academy Teams

Puma FC believes that players at this age should be on the same teams with their friends. Although we do hold tryouts for these age groups we do NOT separate based on skill and like to group friends with friends. We NEVER cut players from the team at this or any other age group. We encourage players to play with friends because we believe that our world class training curriculum mixed with a positive environment with their friends creates confident players who are not afraid to experiment and making mistakes on the field. This is the way players develop best.

Ages U11-12: Academy Teams OR Friends play with friends

For some players it is more beneficial to stay for one more season on a team where they feel very comfortable and confident with their friends, while others might be interested in a more challenging environment. That’s why Puma FC offers two options for the players who are U11 and U12:

  1. The opportunity to be in a more challenging atmosphere with players of similar developmental abilities
  2. The opportunity to continue playing with friends
    Communication with parents is the key to this process. Since players develop at different times physically, mentally and emotionally, we discuss with parents the best possible option for their child.

Regardless of path chosen players will continue having exceptional coaching utilizing the same curriculum on all teams and will have focused preparation for the full-field size game to develop and learn the necessary skills to advance to the next level.

Ages U13-19: ECNL Regional League, NPL Teams & Premier Teams

At this time placement on the team is solely based on skills learned in previous years and all players will be participating in the open tryout. For the elite level players with high level of commitment, Puma ECNL Regional League and Puma FC NPL teams begin for ages U13-19.

How Do I Join a Puma FC Premier Team?

Joining a Puma FC premier team is either through the tryout process or directly from an invitation by a PFC Coach. Click here to check to see when tryouts are happening!

If you are new to the area and would like to request a trial period with one of our Puma FC premier teams, please contact our President Rob Million at