We are very excited to announce the Puma FC has signed a Affiliate agreement with the City of Salina, KS.

For Premier Teams please log into your Puma FC Account and look for programs that BEGIN with SALINA in the program name. ONLY SALINA programs have this at the front. All other programs are in the Kansas City Metro Area. Please contact Rob Million for these programs. 816-686-4502.

For Recreational programs in Salina, please sign up at the link below. These are programs fully run by the City of Salina Parks and REc Department. So please contact them with any questions you may have. We will be working hard to work with the people of Salina to grow their LOCAL soccer programs. For more information please contact Dave Ouderkirk at The City of Salina Parks and Rec Department, dave.ouderkirk@salina.org or give him a call at 785-452-8795.

To sign up for REC PROGRAMS FOR PUMA FC- SALINA, please click the following link.